A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable account that you set up with a public or community foundation or a commercial brokerage.  Donor advised funds make it convenient for you by eliminating the day-to-day administrative and management burdens, provides tax benefits at the time of establishing the fund, and enables you to support your most heartfelt causes.

Your gift to the Edmundite Missions from your donor advised fund supports our mission of sharing God’s love through our ministries of providing the basic needs of the poor in the Deep South while providing sustainable resources that combat poverty supporting a brighter tomorrow for those suffering today.

To make a gift directly from your DAF to the Edmundite Missions, use this form and follow these three simple steps:

1.      Select your sponsoring organization from the drop down menu entitled ‘Donate now from’.

2.      Enter the amount of your tax-deductible donation to the Edmundite Missions.

3.      Select NEXT to be directed to your sponsoring organization’s website to complete your gift.

If you do not see your donor advised fund listed in DAF Direct, please contact your sponsoring organization directly to recommend a donation in support of our work.  In addition to the amount of your gift, please provide them with the following:

Edmundite Southern Missions
(aka Edmundite Missions)
1428 Broad Street
Selma, Alabama 36701

(334) 872-2359 x128
Tax id:  63-0302130
Email:  information@edmunditemissions.org