Zach's Impact Story


Zach’s strong Catholic faith and connection to the Society of St. Edmund brought him to serve the community of Selma, Alabama. Zach joined the Edmundite Missions team as a summer intern for the New Possibilities Youth Program.

When he arrived in Selma, Zach was shocked to see the poverty prevalent throughout the area. It lead him to question what it would be like to work with the people living here. Zach quickly discovered the amazing resilience and positivity of the people here. Each child was open to establishing a relationship with him right away despite all of their apparent differences. Zach was also impressed by how the program has the possibility of changing the life of each child.

“The summer program acts as a beam of hope. In this community, the world can seem so small. New Possibilities Youth Program gives the kids an opportunity to interact with people they would not normally get to interact with.”

He will look back on his time with the Missions with pride that “the Edmundites have allowed him to begin to make a positive impact on the world.”


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