Kayarda's Impact Story


Kayarda first began coming to the Edmundite Missions Learning Center, led by Sister Norma, as a young teen. As one of five children in a single parent household, he later flourished under the care of Father Roger and Father Steve. Kayarda specifically remembers the impact of meeting the volunteers from all over America who came to work with the Edmundites. Meeting those people from all walks of life showed him new possibilities for his own life.

Leaving Selma to attend undergraduate school and then law school didn’t mean leaving the support of his Edmundite family behind. The Missions was there to help offset the cost of continuing his education. Through his hard work and dedication, along with the support and guidance of the Missions, Kayarda has achieved his big dreams. He has traveled the world working in the banking and business sector. Now Kayarda is preparing to practice law in his hometown of Selma, Alabama.

“The Edmundites are so entwined with my childhood and therefore my success. There is no separating them in my mind. I am forever indebted and grateful to them.”



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