From Apprenticeship to Employment

Bridges at the Missions is an apprenticeship program that bridges the gap from unemployment to employment. Through our program, recently unemployed individuals are placed in three areas of Missions operations: social services, food services, and building and grounds. We typically spend 6-12 months with each program participant building their experience, improving their resumes, and conducting job-enhancement classes in areas such as interviewing, appropriate workplace behavior, goal setting, and time management.

These small improvements to behaviors, in addition to the dedication of our apprentices, are leading to successful interviews, positive performance reviews and all of the other makings of a long-term employee. This consistent employment is changing generational patterns of poverty and creating a ripple effect within our community.

Success Story: Tonya’s Work Transition

Tonya, one of our first graduates and a mother to a young girl, is a perfect example of what our program can do. Tonya joined the Bridges Program in March 2017. Having already earned her degree as a certified nursing assistant and excelling in the workplace, Tonya felt hopeless when her employer abruptly closed and no openings were available. The Bridges program was exactly the help Tonya needed. Our Senior Activity Program was a perfect fit for her. There she spearheaded an outreach program for the residents of local nursing homes. One nursing home was so impressed by her skills with their patients they offered her a full-time job. She graduated in October 2017 to begin working with the nursing home—but her success didn’t stop there. With the confidence found in our program, she decided to pursue her true passion of cosmetology with plans of opening her own salon. She is so grateful for the Bridges Program, saying “I never thought I could be successful before this program. I never thought I’d be confident in interviews or know how to use computers. Thanks to Bridges, I am sure the sky is the limit!”

Current Opening

Dr. Michael and Catherine Bullock Community and Recreation Center Apprentice

POSITION:  Community Center Apprentice                  REPORTS TO: Director of the Community Center

SUMMARY:  The Community Center Apprentice will be responsible for assisting the Director and programming staff in all activities at the center along with maintaining professional decorum at all times. The apprentice will perform a variety of duties. Such duties include: general cleaning and upkeep of the facility, help with registered and drop in programs, assistance with maintaining order and security, support with youth sports and development and assistance with youth personal growth and development. The apprentice will attend a monthly individual meeting as well as a monthly professional development seminar with the apprentice program director. They may also attend other specific trade courses as needed. This position requires a commitment to all the duties listed above.

COMPENSATION & TIME COMMITMENT: This apprenticeship position is paid ($8.25 per hour).  There is a minimum time commitment of 6 months up to 1 year working. This is a part time position. Hours are flexible to accommodate Community Center needs, including evenings and weekends.


  1. Assist with opening and closing duties of Community Center
  2. Smile, greet and engage members, staff, and others who come into the Community Center
  3. Maintain a polite and positive attitude at all times
  4. Support with implementation of registered and drop in activities within established guidelines
  5.  Help oversee the children, classroom, community room and other center activities
  6. Assist with security and monitoring
  7. Aid with youth sports activities
  8. Check –In and out center guests by utilizing basic computer skills
  9. Assist guests in using facility equipment, as needed.
  10. Attend and participate in family nights, program activities, staff meetings and staff training
  11.  Must be able to spend a large portion of the day walking, lifting up to 40 pounds (bags / supplies / chairs / tables/ fitness equipment), and completing manual labor.
  12. Monitor gym, weight room, halls, parking lot and the educational/ community rooms
  13. Keep building & parking lot free of debris and trash as well as assist with cleaning & upkeep of the facility
  14. Other duties and responsibilities assigned by supervisor

Support Provided:

  1. In-house training
  2. Bridges Apprenticeship team materials, uniforms and resources
  3. Department support training, leadership enhancement & professional development curriculum  
  4. Human Resource Apprenticeship Procedure Manual 

Qualifications & Skills Required:

  1. Have high school diploma or GED
  2. Have reliable transportation
  3. Reliable, accountable, motivated, task-oriented, a willingness to learn and be a team player
  4. Excellent organizational, problem-solving, and leadership shills
  5. Good temperament and communication skills (verbal and written)
  6. Basic Computer Skills


Apply at 1107 Griffin Ave. in the Catholic Social Ministry office. Bring a resume and reference information. You may also send information to heidih@edmunditemissions.org.

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