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Rumbly Tummy Adventures

Rice to the Rescue!

Announcing a New Children’s Book Series


Knights! Fairies! Dragons! Unicorns! Nutrition! Wait…what? Nutrition?

Yes! Nutrition!

Edmundite Missions in Selma, Alabama announces a new children’s book series, Rumbly Tummy Adventures published by Edmundite Missions Press. Written by renowned children’s book author Etaine Raphael with Edmundite Missions Vice President Dr. Susan Raymond, Rice to the Rescue!, the first volume of Rumbly Tummy Adventures, is illustrated by Andrea Ketchelmeier, with original recipes developed by Leah Brickley.

A princess in a tower, a rescuing dragon with a bowl of soup on his tail, a knight who makes lunch, Rice to the Rescue! has everything children need to listen and learn about healthy eating.

Rice to the Rescue! includes 6 original recipes made with simple ingredients. The package includes an Activity Book with mazes, word games, and coloring to help reinforce the lessons about good nutrition through fun.

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