The bible is full of verses, like this one from Proverbs, that remind us how we’ll be blessed when we help others in need.

Today, I ask you to take that lesson to heart and make a gift to help my friend Renee Thomas, who was badly injured at the job she’s worked at for more than 10 years!

While she waits for the state bureaucracy to process her workers’ compensation payments, her bills are falling farther and farther behind.

If we don’t help her now, her electricity will be cut off. In this stifling Alabama heat, all the food in her refrigerator will spoil in no time and she and her children will be stuck in the dark with no air conditioning.

The gift you’re about to send now, will keep their lights on. Renee is anxious to get back to work, but until the doctors clear her she just needs a little help. Thank you so much in advance for helping Renee, and others in the Deep South who are in crisis. I know God will bless you for your kindness!




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