This heat is dangerous for the poor!

Intense summer heat can be dangerous for the poor in the Deep South. Our elderly neighbor, Nancy Burrows, for example, found out that a leak in her water line has caused her bill to soar to $473.80 … far more than she can possibly pay on her small fixed income.

Yet if her water is cut off, it could create a serious health threat for her.

But here's the good news: from now through August 16th, if you can send a gift to help Nancy, and our other neighbors in poverty, ANY AMOUNT YOU SEND WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DOUBLED!

This will make a huge difference for Nancy, and everyone in the Deep South who is doing their best to get by in this stifling summer heat.

Please be as generous as you can before this special matching gift opportunity goes away. Thank you in advance for helping the poor in the Deep South. May God bless and keep you always for your kindness!




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