Suddenly Alone,
They Could Lose Everything

The gift you’re about to make will give Trinity Rains and her daughter Bella something they haven’t had in quite a while: hope.

Since Trinity’s husband Tom died in a terrible accident a few months ago, they’ve faced one crisis after another. Trinity learned she was pregnant again and would be raising their new baby without her loving husband.

Tom’s funeral was emotionaly devastating and drained all their savings. Then as soon as her boss learned another baby was coming, he fired Trinity!

Thank God she’s found another job, but in the interim some bills fell behind. The electricity is about to be shut off and the landlord is threatening to evict them.

But you are putting a stop to all that! Your gift is going to get them through this critical time until they can get back up on their feet. Your support for the Missions helps so many families like Trinity’s. Please accept my sincere thanks and prayers for being such a gift to His people in need. May God bless and keep you always!





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