Louise could protect her children from everything.
Except inflation.

My friend Louise Carter works long hours at her local dollar-store to make ends meet for herself and her three children. She earns very little and, right now, is forced to live in a run-down and dangerous apartment complex so she can walk to work.

The tough teens in her complex try to intimidate the other residents, but Louise isn’t afraid. Her faith gives her the courage to stand up to them and most of the time they are the ones who end up being intimidated!

The one enemy she hasn’t been able to beat is inflation. Rising prices have created crises for all our neighbors in poverty and Louise’s family is no exception.

Now the electric utility has shut off her power … just as we’re entering the coldest months of the year!

The gift you’re about to make will be a Godsend to Louise’s family. If we can get her through the next few months, she’ll be able to continue saving so that by next winter she and the kids will be in a more affordable – and safer – situation.  

You are a Godsend to Edmundite Missions too! You make it possible for us to serve God’s most impoverished people every day. Thank you and May He bless and keep you always.





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