You must read this Lenten
story of two amazing

Teresa Johnson fought her way back from cervical cancer. She absorbed huge doses of chemotherapy and radiation treatments that left her so sick she lost her job. Thankfully, her oldest daughter, 16-year-old Marian, selflessly took on all the work of raising the two youngest children and keeping the household going. She also nursed her mom on days she was too sick to get out of bed. Her sacrifices for her mother beautifully embody the spirit of this Lenten season.

Finally, a few months ago, her doctor told her she was cancer-free. The family was overwhelmed with joy and relief. However, in the midst of all the celebrating, there is still a dark cloud on their horizon: all those bills that accumulated while Teresa was sick still have to be paid. She’s back at work part time, but she needs a minimum of $1,300 just to keep the utilities from being shut off and to bring her rent up to date.

The Lenten gift you’re about to send will help Teresa and her children, and all the other families in the Deep South who need the help of the Missions this season. Thank you in advance for caring and may God’s grace shine on you and your loved ones every day.





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