Director - Good Shepherd Community Center

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Director, Good Shepherd Community Center

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Mosses, Alabama

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JOB DESCRIPTION: The Director of Good Shepherd Community Center is responsible for the day to day management of the Center, ensuring that internal programs and external partners are engaging with the Center in the spirit of the Missions and for the purposes for which it was intended. The Director reports to the Associate Chief Program Officer and Chief Program Officer.


  • Strategy and Planning
    • Participate in weekly Program Managers meetings
    • Develop and regularly update strategy for the Center to become and remain a vibrant community resource for those in need
    • Develop annual goals and plans for implementation of the strategy, with associated reporting metrics
    • Identify and develop innovative ways for the Center to better serve the poor
    • Monitor, and adjust as necessary, programmatic strategy of the Center to ensure it remains similarly aligned with the Missions’ programmatic strategy in Selma
    • Develop, maintain, and report on annual GSCC budgets
  • Management
    • Scheduling
      • Create and maintain all program schedules for the Community Center, coordinating as appropriate with Missions’ Program Managers in Selma, to ensure program inputs from Selma are aligned with Selma schedules
      • Ensure that Missions programs receive priority in facility scheduling
      • Troubleshoot and resolve any scheduling conflicts
    • Infrastructure
      • Work with buildings and maintenance to ensure the upkeep of the building and all associated grounds and equipment
      • Ensure security of the building and personnel



    • Policies and Procedures
      • Develop and enforce policies and procedures for individual and outside use of the Center including but not limited to registration, behavior, and discipline
      • Develop and oversee policies and procedures for partnerships between outside organizations and the Center
    • Performance
      • Develop and maintain performance indicators for the Center relative to its goals and the purposes of the Missions
      • Ensure that program registration system, VisitU, used at the Bullock Center is implemented at the Community Center with data integrity
      • Identify and maintain a subset of those performance indicators to be included in the Apricot system
      • Regularly provide performance analytics to the Senior Management team
      • Provide a formal quarterly and annual report to the President/CEO on Center use and program content and quality
  • Programs
    • Work with the Chief Program Officer, Associate Chief Program Officer, and Program Managers to ensure that all program use of the Center is efficient and high quality
    • Assist with program implementation anywhere needed, including in food shop
    • Serve as mentor and role model to youth
    • Develop and implement plans for program participation growth
    • Continual presence in the building during program hours
  • Community Relations
    • Build the presence and recognition of Edmundite Missions broadly in the areas served by the Community Center
    • Recruit, vet, and train volunteers
    • Serve as external face of the Center, maintaining and strengthening local relationships
    • Identify and pursue opportunities for community partnerships that align with Center goals and strategy, and Missions programming
    • Create, structure, and Chair a Community Advisory Committee

Supervisory Duties

  • Nutrition Associate, Program Assistant, teachers, coaches, instructors and volunteers


  • Unassailable personal integrity and moral reputation
  • Appreciation and respect for the Catholic Church and its teachings
  • Understanding of and commitment to the concepts of “ministry” to the disadvantaged
  • Team-oriented philosophy of work and management



  • Mastery of all Microsoft Office applications
  • Familiarity with registration databases
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Flexibility; ability to work periodic evenings or weekends as needed
  • Minimum 5 years experience in equivalent community center or other community facility program and management role
  • BA preferred



Email resume to or apply in person at 1002 Minter Ave, Selma, Alabama.

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