Executive Assistant to the President

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Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

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Edmundite Missions Office

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JOB DESCRIPTION: The Executive Assistant to the President is responsible for managing the Presidents calendar, scheduling, external and internal communications, travel, and events. In addition, the Assistant will be available to contribute to overall Missions administrative needs and serve as point of contact for IT needs and vendors.


Support to the President

  • Communications
    • Screen all calls or inquiries addressed to the President, re-directing as possible and ensuring that only the most relevant or critical reach the desk of the President
    • Represent the President at meetings upon request
    • Manage all internal and external communications that are bound for the President, ensuring clear timetables for response are crafted and that items are delivered in an easy order of attack
    • Maintain an accurate log of communications with the President, ensuring that all parties are clear and accountable
  • Calendar Management
    • Ensure that the President’s calendar represents his vision for the day or other planning time period
    • Create, organize, and maintain the President’s calendar as well as the Missions-Wide calendar that includes all organizational activity
  • Meetings Support
    • Provide support and record keeping for all outside Board or Committee commitments of the President and CEO
    • Accompany the President to community or local leadership meetings as needed
    • Represent the President at meetings upon request
    • Maintain careful notes and minutes of all meetings and committee responsibilities of the President
    • Senior Management Meetings
      • Schedule all SMT meetings
      • Act as Secretary to the SMT and ensure accurate notes are filed
      • Oversee follow up to ensure that decisions or initiatives are in process


  • Organizational Liaison
    • Work closely with the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Program Officer to ensure all financial and program information respectively, requested by the President is made available in a timely manner for decision support and to present the President’s vision for current operations and future plans
    • Work closely with the Chief Development Officer and Director of Development to ensure that all daily development operations are at high standards and ensure the President’s connection with the donor base in strengthened and cultivated
    • Work closely with the Chief Development Officer to ensure that the content of the work of the Missions reflects the President’s vision
  • Events
    • Work closely with the President and head, lead and assemble planning committees, to plan and ensure smooth execution of all President’s events, including but not limited to the Community Festival, Christmas celebration, and school backpack distribution.
    • Working closely with the Communications Manager, take direct responsibility for developing all public facing materials for the President’s events
  • Development
    • Assist the President with all materials needed for donor relations, in close coordination with the Development Office
    • Draft donor correspondence for the President as needed by the Development Office
    • Assist in managing the President’s major gift portfolio, to donor cultivation and donor-facing communications and pre-meetings
  • Board of Directors and Board of Members
    • Provide support for all Board of Directors meetings and functions: preparing, receiving, and organizing documents, ensuring all logistical preparations are made, and serving as recording secretary for the Board
    • Manage all correspondence between the President and the Board of Members
  • Travel
    • Manage all travel arrangements for the President
    • Accompany the President on travel as needed, carrying out duties as assigned before, during and after travel

Overall Administration

  • Handle liaison to IT vendors and serve as point of contact for IT problems throughout the organization
  • Assist the office manager with public reception, phone and visits as needed

General Responsibilities

  • Maintain staff, donor and client confidence and protects Edmundite Missions’ operations by keeping all information confidential
  • Represent the organization’s culture, values and mission when interacting with external and internal stakeholders.

Other duties as assigned.

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