Director, Bosco Nutrition Center


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Director, Bosco Nutrition Center

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Edmundite Center of Hope

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Chief Programs Officer


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Commensurate with qualifications

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Overview: Edmundite Missions ( is a Catholic service organization focused on community development in Selma, Alabama and surrounding small communities. It has been present in Selma for 80 years and is the leading community organization in this part of Alabama.


Position Summary

Feeding the hungry is at the founding base of the Missions. The charitable feeding programs of the Missions are five-fold:

  • The Bosco Nutrition Center, which serves over 1000 meals a day (lunch and dinner) at its congregate dining facility. This includes meals for the Edmundite Missions Senior Ministry and Edmundite Missions Youth Ministry.
  • Edmundite Missions School Meals, which provides bagged weekend breakfasts for 750 students at three local elementary schools
  • Meals of Hope, which brings two meal per day to 290 disabled and homebound impoverished residents
  • Shelf-stable food bags, which are provided periodically at the request of Edmundite Missions Social Ministry to clients being counseled by the Ministry, as well as to meet rural needs
  • Rural food pantries which emphasize client choice and fresh fruit and vegetable options


The Director serves in three functions

  • Senior responsibility for all of the above charitable food programs of the Edmundite Missions in Selma, Alabama as well as counsel to the rural nutrition program.
  • Direct responsibility for developing and producing through Bosco products and services for the catering and e-business needs of Edmundite Missions Enterprises’ Kitchens in Selma, a social enterprise designed to create jobs and skills and to generate net revenue to support the feeding programs of Bosco.
  • Deep involvement in implementing a multi-year Missions-wide nutrition strategy in Selma and rural areas to change nutrition knowledge and eating behaviors in the community.


The Director reports to the President and CEO of Edmundite Missions through the Chief Program Officer.

The Director position is an exciting opportunity for the right candidate. Not only is there the opportunity to grow and improve the historical charitable services of Edmundite Mission, but also to creatively extend these services to new nonprofit partnerships and to be a leader in growing the social enterprise and changing nutrition behavior among the poor, thus bringing the innovation of Edmundite Missions to a national level of recognition.


Edmundite Missions offers competitive salary based on experience, benefits, 401k, paid holidays and vacation.



The Director position is full-time. Primary responsibilities include:

  1. Food Preparation and Meal Provision:
  • The Director will be hands on and manage all aspects of meal provision both in congregate dining and in meal delivery dimensions. The Director will develop all menus, lead and oversee all meal preparation and clean up, and ensure cleanliness and quality at the highest levels.
  • The Director will work with a registered dietician to reduce the fats and sugars in Bosco Nutrition Center offerings and increase their nutritional quality.
  1. Inventory Ordering and Management:
  • With the Administrative Assistant, Nutrition, the Director will carry out, and/or delegate and manage, all aspects of food and supply ordering, inventorying, and storage. This will include quality control and budget adherence.
  1. Facility, Transport, and Human Resources Management:
  • The Director is responsible for all aspects of food program management. This includes all management of the Bosco Nutrition Center facility and all management of the meal delivery fleet. This includes scheduling, maintenance, repair and any other aspects of the physical infrastructure of the programs.
  • The Director is also responsible for supervisory staff, including scheduling and training. As the direct report of all food service staff, the Director is responsible for staff motivation, maintaining a spirit of commitment to meeting the needs of the poor with dignity and compassion.
  1. Social Enterprise:
  • Edmundite Missions Enterprises brings the benefits of entrepreneurism and social finance to the Missions work, thereby expanding job-creation impacts and creating alternative revenue streams to fund core charitable services. Kitchens in Selma is the food-based enterprise currently in operation. The Director of the Bosco Nutrition Center is responsible for both producing the branded products for the e-business and managing catering services. The Director is also deeply involved in marketing Enterprises locally and nationally.
  1. Community Nutrition:
    • Poor nutrition is at the core of much of the poor health and early disability and death rates in the communities served by Edmundite Missions. A multi-year, cross-Missions strategy has been put in place to enable the Missions to have a measurable and material effect on these problems. The Director will be a pivotal member of the team implementing this strategy, responsible for public education, public speaking, development of nutritional messaging, leadership in food preparation demonstrations, and all other technical aspects of nutrition education.


Core Competencies

The successful candidate will display a well-rounded background in food service, with a variety of types of experience at a variety of levels. A broad portfolio of experience is critical. The successful candidate will demonstrate:

  • Career commitment to good nutrition
  • Experience in management of a food service establishment, including detailed knowledge of all technical aspects of food preparation and service at the commercial level, including
    • Knowledge of food safety guidelines and regulations
    • Menu planning
    • Food preparation, including the ability to cook commercially
    • Food and equipment procurement and storage
    • Kitchen equipment and maintenance
    • Food transport equipment and maintenance
  • Experience with budgeting and budget management, both in tracking and managing the operating costs of all Food Program activities, with a keen eye to opportunities for cost containment, and for capital and infrastructure costs. Demonstrate ability to drive budget efficiency and cost containment is a significant requirement.
  • Extensive knowledge in nutritional education
  • Human resources management including
    • Experience managing a staff of at least 15 individuals at all levels of food preparation, servicing, and clean up
    • Experience with staff scheduling for in-place and delivery services
    • Experience managing staff comprised of many levels of competency, growing staff capacity to higher levels through compassionate leadership and committed mentoring
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship in developing new approaches to food and nutrition and to the growth of both the catering and the e-business aspects of Kitchens in Selma and Edmundite Missions Enterprises
  • Experience in collaborative settings, in which food services are only part of a larger organizational mission, including
    • Demonstrated experience working with other programs to pursue nutrition objectives
    • Team-work with peer managers to drive internal organizational quality, efficiency and effectiveness and external public awareness and commitment to the mission of the organization


The successful candidate will display the following characteristics:

  • An unquestionable personal code of ethics, integrity and trust
  • An understanding of the Catholic Church, its teachings and traditions
  • Personal compassion for and commitment to those in need and respect for all individuals irrespective of their personal circumstances
  • Comfortable with change and change management
  • Strong verbal communications skills
  • Commitment to building teams and developing and maintaining a team spirit in all food production and provision activities
  • High energy and creativity
  • An entrepreneurial spirit that thrives on challenge and organizational growth

The successful candidate will meet the following requirements:

  • At least 8 years of experience in institutional food service management, demonstrating regularly increasing responsibilities
  • Experience with catering and upscale cooking and baking for the enterprise marketplace
  • Experience in a nonprofit setting, preferably in a faith-based organization
  • Safe Food Service certification
  • At least a two-year degree in nutrition or a related field; BA or culinary school is a plus


Salary is commensurate with qualifications.


Please send resume and cover letter describing the reasons for your interest in this position and the alignment of your background to its responsibilities to:


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