We are very pleased to announce that membership in our Supper Club is now available to everyone!

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Supper Club members make an ongoing, monthly contribution to the Missions to help provide a steady, reliable source of funding.

You’d be surprised how much difference your Supper Club contribution can make to those who need you. Even a modest monthly gift can add up to a sizeable contribution over time.

Most important, the commitment made by Supper Club members lets us plan ahead, so we can budget wisely and continue to meet the most urgent needs in our community.

Supper Club FAQs


How do I join the Supper Club?

Easy! Just visit the Supper Club Membership Form. All the information you need is there.

May I designate my Supper Club contribution to a particular program or service?

Yes. You’ll find a drop-down menu on the Supper Club Membership Form that lets you choose to designate your gift where it is needed most (this is the most popular option), or choose from a list of our programs. You can even make your own designation if you wish.

How do I update or make changes to my sustaining contribution or contact information?

Making changes to your Supper Club Membership is easy!
You can choose from three simple options:

  1. Visit the Supper Club Membership Form and click the button that says “An update to an existing recurring donation” (It’s the second button in the left column).
  2. Call (334) 872-2359 x 210.
  3. Email us at information@edmunditemissions.org.

How do I cancel or suspend my membership?

You may request to cancel or temporarily suspend your membership at any time by choosing the “To stop your existing recurring donation,” option on the Supper Club Membership Form, or by calling (334) 872-2359 x 210.

Will I receive tax receipt to confirm my Supper Club giving?

Yes. Each January, we will mail you a Charitable Donation Receipt.

Please join the Supper Club now, during this open membership opportunity!