Our Boards of Members and Directors are dedicated to the mission of creating real and lasting change in the lives of the poor we serve.

Board of Directors

Father Brian Cummings, S.S.E.
Colchester, VT

Mr. John Crear
Selma, AL

Mr. John Manzer
Madison, WI

Mr. David LaMarche
Fort Myers, FL


Mr. John Solomon
Selma, AL

Brother Peter Stanfield, S.S.E.
Selma, AL

Rev. Lino Oropeza, S.S.E.
Selma, AL

Mrs. Aminha Marine Roussell
Selma, AL

Mr. Thomas P. Weatherall
Monroe Township, NJ

Mrs. Leslie Biggins Mollsen
Chicago, IL

Ms. Kathleen S. Campbell
Williamsburg, VA

Mr. Christopher J. Lee
Denver, CO

Mr. Steven Karcher
Waterbury Center, VT

Board of Members

Very Rev. Stephen Hornat, S.S.E.
Superior General
Colchester, VT

Rev. David Theroux, S.S.E.
First Councilor
Colchester, VT

Rev. Brian Cummings, S.S.E.
Second Councilor
Colchester, VT

Rev. David Cray, S.S.E.
Third Councilor
Charlotte, VT

Rev. Stanely Deresienski
S.S.E. Fourth Councilor
Montgomery, AL

Administrative Staff

President & CEO
Mr. Chad McEachern

Chief Administrative Officer
Ms. Alice Mims

Vice-President & CFO
Mr. David Dalling