The Bridges Apprentice Program helps residents make ends meet. Oftentimes, people are eager to work and have a service to provide to the community. However, the economic situation of the Black Belt can be an obstacle to finding consistent work.

We offer our participants job training and work while also helping the Missions pursue their goals. This job training and on-the-job work helps them stay busy while honing in on their crafts.

See more information- including Apprentice Program applications, job descriptions, and success stories- below.


There is currently one spot open in our program! Interviews are underway to fill the position. The current apprentices are scheduled to graduate June 1st of 2019. Below is a description of all tasks and subjects an apprentice can expect in the program. For more information about setting up an interview, contact Heidi Hock of Catholic Social Ministries at 334-872-4213.